10 ways giant pandas are just like people

What’s black and white and eats rainbows for breakfast? Wrong! Pandas eat bamboo and rainbows are inedible weather phenomena.

Over 300 giant pandas in China live in captivity, just like the 112,665 Chinese political prisoners in asylums all over the East Asian country.

The terms giant panda and human being both have two five-letter words.

Android is the mobile operating system of choice among 64% of pandas who use smartphones and 67% of people who own tablets.

What do vegans and pandas have in common? Despite their preference for plants, their digestive systems function primarily to break down meat.

Every single panda that ever existed has been known to excrete feces. This is also the case with all 7.2 billion humans on Earth.

Despite anti-smoking campaigns worldwide, 970,000 giant pandas and 1.4 million humans still succumb to lung cancer every year. Wow!

Giant pandas spray urine to mark their territory. You know who else does the same thing? That’s right, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

The panda’s super huggable coat comprises white fur with black patches on various parts of its body. Likewise, American artist Mariah Carey was born to a white woman and a black man.

Mommy Panda has raised these cubs exclusively, with Daddy Panda taking no part in looking after them. Let’s not pretend you don’t know where this is going, son.

Giant pandas allot 50% of their time eating bamboo shoots. Similarly, many lazy Americans spend much of their waking hours stuffing their bloated faces with fast food. ♦