6 Philippine destinations you need to see before you die

Before packing your bags for the nearest international airport, consider these local spots that are worth dying for.

Get some much-needed respite from your busy urban lifestyle. Attend mass at the Manila Cathedral now while your body is still warm, because Death will shuffle you off this mortal coil when you least expect it.
Cealwyn Tagle/Flickr

Experiencing this architectural wonder is the closest thing to touching the sky from this earthly plane, which is preferable to dying first before reaching heaven.
Jojo Nicdao/Flickr

Looking for a way to drown in style? Fill your lungs with sparkling seawater in Boracay’s white sand beaches.
Angelo Juan Ramos/Flickr

It’s impossible to spend a romantic night in this captivating getaway when you’re in an advanced state of decomposition.

A dangerous trek to the summit crater of a goddamn volcano that ends when you slip and fall into its blistering lake of red-hot magma, fuck yeah!
Denvie Balidoy/Flickr

You can’t possibly visit all 7,107 islands in the Philippines within your lifetime, so make the most out of your remaining time on this planet and visit the famed Chocolate Hills in Bohol.