You shouldn’t miss these 6 films coming soon to a theater near you

Heading to the theaters this month? Read on as we list down the hottest movies this summer.


This stop motion film features 97 minutes of fun and laughter from the studio that brought you Transmorphers, Snakes on a Train, and Britannic.

House Party

Now in their mid-twenties, three childhood friends embark on an epic mission to host The Party to End All Parties while struggling to suppress their latent homosexuality along the way.

Falling For You Again

The sequel to the blockbuster hit Falling For You explores Sylvia Spencer’s wacky antics into married life, which ends abruptly in a hilarious traffic collision that kills her husband and four-month-old infant.

Corporation, Inc.

Watch a rogue filmmaker uncover how evil capitalist fatcats from Hollywood forced him to earn millions of dollars by making this low-budget documentary.

Disney’s Strong Female Protagonist

Queen Stella leaves the confines of her kingdom on a quest to fight the Savage Knights, a group of men bent on pillaging Honeydrop Castle, raping its women, and disemboweling the shit out of her subjects.

Humans with Abilities

An action-packed motion picture event showcasing people with superpowers who couldn’t call themselves “mutants” for fear of litigation by Marvel Entertainment. ♦