‘Pinoy Big Brother’ opens auditions for housemates looking for fame, humiliation

Limited slots for unattractive housemates also available

QUEZON CITY, Philippines — 24 February 2014 — ABS-CBN has announced that Pinoy Big Brother has opened its doors to Filipinos from all socioeconomic classes who wish to live with strangers under the prying eyes of Kapamilya viewers everywhere.

“We’re so excited to give mixed race Pinoys the opportunity to fulfill their dream of exposing themselves to ogling viewers all over the country,” said chief executive officer Charo Santos-Concio at the conference.

Now on its fifth season, the country’s largest TV network is holding auditions in major cities to give everyone a chance to take part in Pinoy Big Brother: All In, a grand spectacle of overt exploitation only ABS-CBN can deliver.

However, despite its ‘All In’ moniker, only a lucky few will get to face the consequences of being an instant celebrity. “The great thing is that we let the aesthetically challenged join in the fun,” explained general manager for franchise programming Serge Zapata.

“Once we turn down all the ugly hopefuls, we’d then introduce the concept of good-looking people who are just like everyone else, with the same frustrations and dreams, who only happen to enjoy preferential treatment all their life,” he added.

As with earlier seasons, ABS-CBN will groom housemates as potential talents once they leave the “real world” and step into Kuya’s multi-camera setup. Moreover, “Social media channels will serve as vehicles to saturate audiences who’d project themselves into our housemates,” Santos-Concio said.

“To fulfill this,” she added, “Expect us to assign personality tropes to each housemate with titles like ‘Athlete ng Cebu’ or ‘Girl Next Door ng QC’, making it super easy for our impressionable viewers to harbor preconceived notions in no time!”

Those who do not have the charisma of such past contestants as Gerald Anderson and Kim Chiu should not lose hope, as ABS-CBN has guaranteed slots for less-than-photogenic housemates. “We encourage the average Pinoy to come to our auditions — preferably those with exaggerated features or maladaptive behavior — to fill token parts and diversify our cast,” said Zapata.

Join the PBB auditions in Cebu, Quezon City, Zamboanga, and Davao until March, and catch PBB: All In every weeknight starting 27 April. ♦

ABS-CBN leads the television landscape with revolutionary shows like Palibhasa Lalake, TV Patrol, and Wansapanataym. It also owns trailblazing radio properties, an award-winning film studio, and a lucrative “nonprofit” foundation.

Image: Andrew Abogado/Flickr