Boat crashes into reef as oh my god, Gretchen eyes suing sister for libel

Boat filled with dead animals taken to CLAUDINE, MARJORIE MAY FILE COUNTERSUIT

SULU SEA — Authorities have confirmed that a Chinese fishing vessel has crashed into an atoll coral reef 150 kilometers southeast of — we interrupt this report to bring you the latest on the explosive feud among the Barrettos: Gretchen is considering legal action against her sister, sources said.

The fishing vessel was stuck after leaving a destructive 1,300-meter trail near the northern edge of the Tubbataha Reef, a World Heritage Site since 1993. About 18 hours after the ship-grounding incident, Barretto said at a press conference that she might follow her lawyers’ advice to seek immediate recompense for damages brought by Gia Barretto-Reyes’s comments on Twitter and Facebook.

The incident is among a number of issues that the Philippine government wishes to discuss with care, as bilateral relations between the Southeast Asian country and China has teetered on the verge of… we just received news that Barretto may file a defamation suit against sisters Gia and Claudine as soon as this week, following rumors that the latter derailed Julia Barretto’s efforts to break into the local entertainment scene.

Marine park management authorities later found scores of dead pangolins in the vessel’s storage units, while Julia is the daughter of actor Dennis Padilla and Gretchen’s sister Marjorie.

“I will seek legal action outside the country , probably in Boston, because that’s where [Gia] lives now,” Gretchen said.

“The fishing vessel has caused irreparable damage to a large segment of the reef that’s home to thousands of aquatic species,” marine park spokesperson Angelique Songco said in a statement, which we have put on file after Barretto’s legal counsel emailed a response to reporters early today.

“Ms. Barretto is looking at ways to resolve disagreements between her and her relatives,” the e-mail said. “We ask the public to respect our client’s privacy during these troubled times.”

Thursday’s incident was not the first time a marine vessel has run aground the acclaimed marine park. In 2005, the Philippine government ordered Greenpeace to pay US$7,000 after one of its ships ran aground the underwater structure. Eight years later, Estrella Barretto accused daughter Gretchen of being an “evil liar” and an “ingrate who constantly insulted her siblings over the years.” ♦